What’s next for Albany's transit center?

ALBANY, Ga. — Now that Albany’s elected officials have walked away from what had formerly been the preferred site for a new $10 million transit facility, what happens to that site, the transit center and the current facility on Oglethorpe Boulevard?

It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer.

Wednesday city staffers officially pressed the reset button on the project.

According to Assistant City Manager Wes Smith, officials with the Federal Transit Authority and the Georgia Department of Transportation are meeting today to discuss the future of the project from the federal and state perspective.

The city is expected to cancel the remaining work under an archeological contract that was required by the federal government.

Following that, Smith said that the city likely will begin the site selection process over again, which will be funded with local tax funds rather than state or federal funds.

“The best information provided to us by both the FTA and GDOT is that process will cost anywhere from $250,000 to $300,000, and likely take two years,” Smith said.

Those funds would be spent in addition to the $250,000 that has already been spent on site work and planning associated with the parking lot site that was abandoned by commissioners Tuesday.

Ten years ago, when the city, state and federal government began the site selection process, four sites were identified — including the proposed site behind the courthouse and the current transit site, which is owned by the Destiny Group.

City officials are also expecting the FTA to pull an annual $90,000 subsidy they contribute to cover the rent that is paid to Destiny to carry city transit buses at the Oglethorpe Boulevard location.


tocar 3 years, 5 months ago

Why can't we just leave this alone for a period of time? The elected officials have spoken for the city of Albany. The taxpayers do not have any monies to put into this project at all. Is this going to be another bad judgment call in pouring monies into a bottomless pit? We are strapped financially now. Taxpayers do not make megabucks to keep funding reckless decisions.


dingleberry 3 years, 5 months ago

I have not seen anything to support the need for a "transit center". What will it give us that we don't have now? This effort has drug on so long that I have lost sight of what the original intent was in making a change.


ga_peach992001 3 years, 5 months ago

What about putting a new transportation center on the lot where the Heritage House is? It would be close to those that utilize the services, it would be on a main corridor and it would be a few blocks away from the Albany Transit Garage. Seems to make sense to me!


Weetzie 3 years, 5 months ago

It certainly seems like the commission made the right decision for Albany. Let's recap- 1)our budget is tight so let's give back 10 million dollars; 2) lets spend another 300k that we don't have; 3) lets shift the lease payment from FTA to the local budget. Makes total sense to me.


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