WG&L revenue takes a tumble

— While the revenues for the Albany Water, Gas & Light Commission ticked upward for May, the utility is struggling to play catch-up thanks to a lukewarm winter, officials told board members Thursday.

WG&L has collected $1.4 million in revenues which is down nearly $2.9 million from the $4.3 million that was budgeted, Finance Director John Vansant III said.

Vansant told WG&L Board members that the utility’s light department had generated around $1.9 million, a figure that was $1.8 million worse than what had been budgeted for that department.

The water department is currently $45,000 behind what was budgeted, while the gas department was nearly $1 million short of what it was expected to generate in revenues.

Despite the year-to-date figures, Vansant said that every department appeared to have done better for the month of May than was anticipated.

“We’ve just had such mild temperatures that people didn’t use a lot of electricity or gas,” Vansant said after the meeting.

Exacerbating the problem for WG&L is a massive increase in the charge levied by the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia — one paid by WG&L Thursday to the tune of more than $5 million.

WG&L’s revenue issues are putting a toll on the utility’s bottom line. Heading into July, the agency has less than $5 million in reserves — an amount considered low for an organization with a $125 million budget.


Kay523 3 years, 1 month ago

WGL Finance has no idea how to report to the public. They are hiding excess cash from MEAG in other accounts. The WGL management is doing nothing to cut costs. WGL employees ride and hide in their WGL trucks and avoid work. We need new management - why should ratepayers subsidize Vansant's gas from Lake Blackshear daily? We need to clean the WGL house.


KaosinAlbany 3 years ago

What? Vansant living at Lake Blackshear. You have no idea of what you are talking about.


dingleberry 3 years ago

We never hear how the communications part of WG&L is doing. A lot of fiber optic lines have been laid and equipment bought. What is this part of WG&L contributing to the bottom line?


Nonsporting 3 years ago

The revenue WG&L gets from me should be helping their bottom line!


FryarTuk 3 years ago

Kay523, I ask for clear incontrovertible proof on your charge "They are hiding excess cash from MEAG in other accounts. " You may be thinking of the City Commission.

WG&L is a strong, solid utility that is run very well.


VietVet1 3 years ago

WG&L has collected $1.4 million in revenues which is down nearly $2.9 million from the $4.3 million that was budgeted, - - Yep, sounds like WG&L is a strong, solid utility that is run very well!


KaosinAlbany 3 years ago

Yep, and the comment about Vansant is NOT true.


jglass 3 years ago

I am assuming that WG&L has to "guestimate" their annual budgets based on usage from previous years. That has to be an impossible task when you have no clue day-to-day or month-to-month what the weather will do. FryarTuk, you are right. That is why it would be detrimental to Albany if the City Commission is ever in control of WG&L...............there would be NO reserves of any kind for emergencies. Kay523, the only part of your comment that I agree with is that the use of their WG&L automobiles is abused. I do see too many WG&L automobiles out and about during working hours with only one person in them. I think that the employees no matter what "rank" should not be able to drive the cars home at all. I think just those on call should have use of driving the cars home and only when they are on call. They would save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually if they cut this out.


Abytaxpayer 3 years ago

J D how much does WG&L write off each year for non payments of utility bils?


cooldawg80 3 years ago

WGL employees shouldn't be driving vehicles home to other counties. Why should the WGL customers have to pay for expenses like that? They could save some money there. Looks like some fat needs to be trimmed!


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