Property owner concerned with officials

As a property owner in Dougherty County, I would like to comment on a couple of statements made in the Tuesday edition of The Herald.

1: Mr.Sinyard, increasing property taxes is not so tough. You just raise your hand and cast your vote without having to look anyone in the face and say this will happen again. Probably next year. A tough thing to do would be to tell the DCP chief not to worry about the $78,000 moving fee because that can be taken care of. But you tell the chief that come 01/01/2013 he will no longer be employed as chief. You then call the sheriff of Dougherty County and tell him that as of 01/01/2013 he will be running both departments. You also tell the sheriff that by 12/01/2012, you will need to see in writing how he is going to do this and cut 15 percent of his staff. Now that would be tough but the right thing for the property owners of Dougherty County.

2: Mr.Hudgins, it's not the $20 per month increase that bothers me. It's the $360 per month that you already get, plus all you will get in the future. There seems to be no end to property taxes and no way to stop you leaders from spending. Revenue is not coming back to Dougherty County. With less revenue, you have to make big cuts and we all know that labor is the largest expense in any company or government. ... This will mean more taxes or more cuts.




Progressive 3 years, 3 months ago

And another Amen! I don't see any improvements coming from this Board of Commissioners. Citizens will need to take action to elect new reps for their districts. Finance Chairman Lamar Hudgins did not provide the leadership needed to identify cost cutting opportunities. He has become too complacent in this position. Commissioner Jack Stone does't have a clue about financial matters and wanted to raise the millage rate even higher. We need the County Board, and the City Board, to start explaining what will be their plan going forward to make sure budget shortfalls do not happen again!


skipper 3 years, 3 months ago

Amen three times over. There is absolutely nothing to be added. I will view both of these board as I do the BOE as not having a clue as to what citizens in this county need. I will not vote for anyone currently sitting on either of these boards as I do not plan on voting on any one currently sitting on the BOE.


waltspecht 3 years, 3 months ago

unfortunately, there are certain things that are Federally mandated that will need to be funded. As the tax base continues to decrease, these costs per individual taxpayer go up. Somehow Dougherty County has got to turn around and once more become a place businesses want to establish themselves. A good place to start would be the schools.


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