Virtual schools could mean virtual results

Virtual schools could mean virtual results

Virtual schools could equate to virtual classrooms, virtual instructors, virtual standards, virtual oversights of compliance to standards -- all resulting to virtual diplomas. "That's pretty much the way it is already, isn't it?" Diplomatic way of dispensing diplomas. I dunno. I was thinking the same, but didn't want to agree with anyone about anything I know too little about.

Anyway, reading between the lines, through my jaundiced eyes, I can see more clearly now a greater advantage for Phoenix enterprises and their sale of the thousands of iPad book downloads at $14.95 a click. Free enterprise, so go for it, but how is it gonna impact on our shortfall of budget for our educational endeavors? Show us the money. The subject is serious and lies well outside the realm of simple business decisions. Our kids' futures are at stake, and the parents have a heavily vested part thereof.

The role of the parent(s) will never change. They still have a priority to supervise their children's reading -- even from an iPad. Nowadays, in more conventional role of educating of children, not all parents march smartly behind their children from the classroom door to the kids' room to ensure homework is numero uno priority. Lotsa school moms are doubling as soccer, dance, gymnastics, and baseball moms. They sometimes get home too late for homework supervision and become much more aligned with bathy and beddy-bye times. Hopefully at least one of them will be stationed behind the child and their iPad to ensure reading of the book(s) is accomplished with undivided attention, and to answer any questions that might be asked.

I still like the longer school days -- like some European and Asian countries, wherein little noses are pressed to the books six days a week -- from 4:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. No time for computers, iPods, drugs, alcohol, and such -- especially with the grand matriarchs of the family tree casting heavy shadows at the threshold. Education remains at the forefront of every household. Every child needs an opportunity to earn a triple-A rating for attendance, attitude, and aptitude, and no child will be left behind.

God bless our future generations. God is great. Life is good. In God we trust. Amen!




waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

Could mean virtually no good results for the students, or the community.


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