Dougherty Commission inept in police funding

According to County Commissioner Mr. (Jack) Stone (March 6, The Albany Herald), the county commissioners have been totally negligent in keeping the county police department funded properly. Mr. Stone stated, "It would take close to a million dollars to bring the county police up to par from where the city is now.

"It is mathematically impossible. It's just that simple."

You must be kidding; this is total ineptitude on the County Commission's part. How can you say it is mathematically impossible? You and the rest of the commissioners should have made adequate funding available and maintained a first-class police department ages ago. We should not have to play catch-up.

This is just another example why we should consolidate, to eliminate the "fiefdoms" and govern as one. Mr. Lyle and Mr. Sinyard need to proceed post-haste with their efforts to get this issue before the voters.

If this is really the case, every commissioner who did not vote to adequately fund the county police should be impeached and the good ol' boy syndrome voted out. It's no wonder Dougherty County cannot attract major employers with backward-thinking commissioners and a School Board strewn with ineptitude and mismanagement. This is why Dougherty County is last in almost everything, except unemployment and welfare mothers.




J.D._Sumner 3 years, 8 months ago

You missed the entire context of the story, James. Stone was saying that the "mathematical impossibility" was the contention by pro-consolidationists that merging the city and county governments would save money. What he was saying is that it would be impossible to save money because, at the very least, the new unified government would have to immediately bring the Dougherty County Police up to the same pay level as the city of Albany officers, a move that would cost nearly $ 1 million annually.

I'm not often a big fan of Jack Stone, but the two areas in which he has never wavered are his support for equalizing pay among city and county police officers and his disagreement with consolidation.

Check out the video and hear it for yourself.

You're right, however, the county commission has been slow to equalize pay. I'll volunteer for my taxes to be raised to pay for it. Will you?



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