Home life and desire determine educability

An old adage is that you can't drill a hole in someone's head and pour knowledge into it. Dr. Henry Brown seems to think that good school buildings and good teachers are all that students need to get a quality education.

This is where a student is in control of his or her destiny. This is why tests are important. Tests show who paid attention and who was prepared. If a student is inattentive, sleepy, disorderly, texting or just daydreaming, it will show in test scores.

A close friend of mine says some children go to school to get away from home, for sports activities, friends or just to get something to eat.

Good home life, parental guidance and a desire to learn are the solutions, but seem to be unattainable.




QUIK 2 years, 11 months ago

Mr Bryant is on to something but it's not complete. The level of good schools do play a part into the education of the student. This includes security at the school. Some may forget that education in 2012 isn't the same as education in 1950 or even 1970. Childern can't walk home alone without fear from older adults that would harmful things these days. It would be great if only determination in the student was he or she needed. Plus the fact that schools in richer areas have better teachers. Just like richer areas have better hospitals. Anyone that thinks this doesn't matter ask them why they don't send their kids to poor areas for the same education.


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