Liberals getting pass on hurtful speech

We, the people, have our country's guarantee of freedom of speech in these United States of America. The courts in this country have held that this guarantee includes the right to burn our country's flag, to protest at funerals of military women and men who have given their lives in the service of this country, and to other equally obnoxious "freedoms of speech."

Our freedom of speech does not give any person the right to say hurtful things about another person. Rush was wrong to say the things he said about the young woman who is a student at Georgetown University. He did apologize to her on air and in a letter, and I believe that he truly regrets what he said. Rush has been taken to the crucifixion cross, but the nails have not yet been driven by the "blessed" liberal press, which knows all and sees all.

On the other hand, there is Bill Maher, who seems to be filled with venomous hatred for conservatives, especially Sarah Palin, whom he has described in all sorts of filthy names that cannot be repeated in this missive. He has not done that just once, but he seems to relish saying stupid and repulsive things that unlearned people find funny.

A reporter at a recent White House press conference asked our president his views on the press not castigating Bill Maher, and Obama acted as if he could not hear the question. He very obviously ignored it and never acknowledged the question. By his negativism to this reporter, his response supports giving Maher a pass.

It seems to be that there is an abundance of ignorance all across America.