Dealing with loss a serious matter

Dealing with the loss of someone close to you is very serious matter. It is a process that must be handled carefully. There are several ways to deal with one's grief and I would like to share a few with you.

First, find someone who you can confide in. This person should be someone you trust and one who will allow you to sit and talk out your feelings. Always be straightforward with yourself and be honest about your feelings. Shed as many tears necessary to make it through this tough time in your life.

Second, discover positive ways to communicate your emotions. For instance, journalize your experiences with grief and use it as a tool to begin the healing process. You made it through the day! It's going to be all right!

Third, a great way to deal with grief is to find things to be thankful for on a day-to-day basis. It could be simply being thankful for just waking up every morning. You are alive and a new day has just begun! The dark night has passed and the sun is shinning bright! Remember the phrase, "Weeping may endure for a night — but joy comes in the morning!"

Last, but certainly not least, never feel that you have to rush yourself through the stage of grief. Take as much time needed to heal. Everyone handles grief in a different way. It may take you some time to overcome this giant in your life, but in time, you will be able to do it! Constantly encourage yourself and realize that you can make it. Take each step one day at a time and keep moving forward to a life of unimaginable peace, joy and happiness.

Michael Fowler Sr., CFSP, is president of the Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association and is a retired death investigation specialist/forensic pathology assistant with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab.