Litter shows lack of community pride

I enjoyed the Mardi Gras festival in Albany, however, I was disappointed in the amount of garbage in the streets. Trash cans were provided, yet few took steps to put trash in or near the containers. I have been to festivals of similar size where the amount of garbage at the venue was not a factor.

I was recently in Rwanda and was struck by the beauty of the landscape, people and wildlife. What I did not see, even in a city with 10 million people, was a speck of trash. When asked, a local told me that the Rwandans are taught from an early age that trash is ugly and that tourists won't visit or see the beauty if altered/marred by garbage. And, if they have pride in themselves, their community and nation, they would not throw trash. Tourism is up by 600 percent in Rwanda.

It is evident, not from just the trash at the festival, but all over Albany, that your citizens have lost pride in their community and failed to teach children to put trash where it belongs.

I hope next time I visit Albany, I will see a lot less trash and a lot more pride.


Hayesville, N.C.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 5 months ago

I am so glad this man wrote this article. He is exactly right. I hear this a lot from Albanians. Parents and the schools need to teach children that litter belongs in the trash and not on the road or side of the road. It is disgusting. As a matter of fact I picked up some litter right in front of the Albany Herald building last week right before Mardi Gras and threw it in the trash. There were 4 people talking and not one of them picked up the trash that was blowing around them so I did. What happened to community pride? I also think before major events that the whole city should be cleaned up or at least the main streets. Perhaps that is something KADB needs to work on. KADB does a good job but if they can organize volunteer trash pick days before major events maybe people won't think we are so trashy. Keeping the city clean would certainly help our pride and bring more tourism.


AlbPieMaster 3 years, 5 months ago

As they say hit that nail on the head.

if they have pride in themselves, their community and nation, they would not throw trash.

I had a woman open her car door and throw a used diaper and a fast food bag stuffed full under her car as I pulled in my parking space. We got out at the same time and I said "you dropped something" she responded "mine your own business B**". When I entered the store I told a clerk and she said "that happens all the time at our Albany store" and we pay more to clean the parking lot here than all of our other stores combined....My call to 311 did not help either Police will not respond to litter on private property.


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