Controversy blown out of proportion

I have read different stories recently about the flag ordeal at Mr. Gieryic's. When I read the first story, I immediately went to check out the situation. Now, there have been two different stories about the sign that code enforcement was checking into. First, there was suppose to be a small sign in that right-of-way at Mr. Gieryic's; second, it changed to a lit sign that belonged to one of the stores at Village Green. Did anyone ever get true clarification?

Let me say that my father was in the Air Force, so I do value the American flag and its meaning. Like I said, I did go check out the issue at hand. With the flag being in the center of that right-of-way and the height of the pole, I can see where this would be a concern with large trucks coming by. One article said that someone gave Mr. Gieryic a new flag. Is the replacement flag larger than the original flag? I know that this has gotten blown way out of proportion. If it was me, I would get a nice pole and put it on my lot and raise the flag higher and have lights so show it off at all times.

While driving through Albany this weekend, I did see several code issues. While going down Oakridge, I did notice flags flying from the roof of a business near Winn Dixie at Radium. I also saw flags attached to light poles at a pawn shop just down from Winn Dixie at Radium. I thought nothing could be on light poles. I know it is just people trying to prove a point, but why weren't you flying your flags prior to this incident?

Code Enforcement Agent Ruth Lewis has been ripped apart by the public at large. If you do not know Ruth, you should not judge her. I am quite sure that Mr. Gieryic was spot-on in his interview. Ruth may have had a gosh awful code enforcement kind of day. I would not want their job for anything having to deal with the public and with contractors who try to sneak by and do short cuts and do things their way instead of the correct way. She is a very pleasant person to be around. I would hope that she would make the time to see Mr. Gieryic and apologize for her attitude.