Police/Fire/EMS - March 16, 2012

— The Albany Police Department responded to at least 25 incidents Wednesday, according to department records, including:

— Battery on the 2800 block of Palmyra Road and the 1800 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard;

— Burglary on the 400 block of South Shadowlawn Drive and the 200 block of North Broadway Street;

— Criminal trespass on the 500 block of Don Cutler Drive;

— Simple assault on the 100 block of Merrit Avenue;

— Disorderly conduct on the 800 block of Corn Avenue;

— Domestic violence (unfounded) on the 900 block of Moultrie Road, the 1400 block of East Tift Avenue and the 2300 block of Pembroke Drive;

— Simple battery on the 800 block of North Van Buren Street, the 2300 block of North Monroe Street and the 200 block of Collins Street;

— Injured person on the 200 block of Pine Avenue;

— Forgery on the 2800 block of Dawson Road;

— Theft on the 500 block of Greenwood Drive, the 400 block of Florence Drive, the 100 block of Old Blaylock Street and the 1300 block of East 4th Avenue;

— Unruly child on the 800 block of Moultrie Road.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: The Dougherty County Police Department responded to seven calls Wednesday, according to police officials, including:

— Criminal Trespass on the 3200 block of Sylvester Road.

DOUGHERTY EMS: The Dougherty County EMS responded to 65 calls Wednesday, including 45 medical calls, 19 trauma calls and one “other” type call, officials say.

The 45 medical calls include, 11 people with respiratory issues, seven miscellaneous pain calls, three chest pain calls, three with mental health issues, one person fainted, one person went into labor, one person with a possible stroke and 18 other various medical calls.