Romney destined for the White House

Mitt Romney wanted to become the Republican nominee and run for the presidency in 2008 but the signs just weren't right, it was too soon and he was ahead of his time -- his destiny. As a result, he lost in the Florida primary to McCain who went on to be defeated handily by Barack Obama who became America's 43rd president.

America has had only three presidents whose last name started with the letter R and they were Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Romney when elected will be the fourth and will also become America's 44th president. The number four is significant with the name of our soon to be republican nominee. All three previous presidents whose last name started with R were great presidents who did good things for America. Romney has been slated to follow along in their vaunted footsteps unto even greater accomplishments.

Mitt Romney was previously destined to become America's 44th president for a specific reason of which some are just now beginning to realize since America and its government are in such desperate straits for lack of a capable head of state to provide sagacious direction and guidance to the nation which presently is floundering hopelessly by design since one particular party lost control of the house a year ago and due to the fact that the presidency and senate remain in their control. Thus it is that ever so sorrowfully the people must suffer while envious politicians continue to ply their devious and conniving ways to stymie all that is desperately needed for the good of the nation and its peoples simply because it is earmarked in the name of he other party.

Such behavior by a single politician, never mind a party, is absolutely irresponsible and those responsible for such conduct should be removed from office by their own kind. Instead, it is up to the people to vote them out of office. The people, every single one of us, must keep up to date as to what is happening in government at all levels and strive to vote responsibly and wisely.




waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

I'll agree on Teddy, but not Franklin. For some reason one of the few things my Parents and all the relatives agreed upon was a dislike of him. I guess they were raised to be self sufficient and resented some of the New Deal.Did he really allow the attack on Pearl? Just to set the people's minds straight? Ragan was smart enough to surround himself with good advisors, and weigh and follow their advice. Something I don't see in Romney. He is the I am the Boss type. Now don't get me wrong, I will vote against Obama no matter who runs, but I don't see Romney as a savior of this Country


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