Sherwood's WINGS Program introduces students to business

Jerilyn Byrd

Jerilyn Byrd

ALBANY -- At the beginning of the semester Sherwood Christian Academy challenged its high school students to participate in a 'WINGS Program," encouraging the students to develop and operate their own small businesses.

Students worked in teams or as individuals and came up with business plans. Once they wrote their business plan and had their parents sign off on them, the school gave each student $25 to use to start their businesses.

Each student/team had one month to operate their business and see how much they could multiply the money which the school had invested.

About 25 students individually or as teams started about 10 businesses. Seven of the businesses were profitable and were recognized earlier this week.

The winners (based on net profit) were:

1st place winner -- "You Name It" operator was Jerilyn Byrd, who started with $25 and ended with $283.85

2nd place winner -- "Babycakes Baked Goods" operators Kristina Gieryic and Hunter Anderson started with $25 each ($50) and ended with $231.39

3rd place winner - "5 Girls and a Diaper" operators Taylor Glow, Madison McClearn, Mallory McClearn, and Annalise Clem started with $100 and ended with $241.

These winners will now be eligible to move on to the Challenge phase of the program where the school will invest $100 per student in their businesses. The final winners will get to keep half of the profits.


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