City/County unveil new technology in meeting area

Local government officials have installed two, 60-inch monitors to help commissioners and the public see various presentations better, officials say.

— The Dougherty County Commission was the first to try out some technology upgrades in the commission's meeting chambers Monday as the board took advantage of two large 60-inch monitors to review proposed zoning map changes.

Both the audience and the commission will now be able to watch the two large monitors as presenters pitch their ideas or agenda items to the boards.

Daniel Toler, Dougherty County Computer and Network Analyst, said the city and county had split the $9,000 price tag on the upgrades, which includes new wireless microphones, new software and hardware that allows presentations to be made via video, the Internet or through cable television.

The county got the dry run on the new system Monday when Albany-Dougherty planning officials presented two requests by the public to change the zoning map, which met with mixed results after planning officials were unable to point out specific details on the map with their laser pointer because of the screen on the monitors.

"We're trying to make the presentations clearer, and give the public an opportunity to understand what is being discussed," Toler said.

Prior to the monitors, city and county leaders, who share the chamber space, would view presentations on large projection screens that, in the chamber area at least, could only be seen by those on the commission.

The nearby conference room hasn't changed. Presentations there will still be given via projector, although laptops are routinely hooked into the projection system and used.



KaosinAlbany 3 years, 8 months ago

Oh YAY!!! Glad the Commission was able to get the new screens for the meetings. I had a hard time figuring out what they were talking about because I couldn't see the map on the screen. I'll say that was a good investment for the city and the citizens.


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