Doctor's office site for 'foolish' observations

The other day, I had a scheduled appointment with a foot doctor (podiatrist). There were several ladies in the waiting room with me. Well, being the only man among them, and not being much of a gossiper, I was a very good listener.After a while, the conversation turned from the weather to people's teeth (dental). One lady said her father turned foolish when he was in his 60s and started putting gold in his mouth. She later commented that he started having trouble with his teeth and had two pulled each year. He lived to be 90-something years old.

I said most kids call everything stupid. The word foolish is a much better word. Me (being sports minded) said I wish young sports players would establish themselves before becoming foolish!




waltspecht 3 years, 5 months ago

If the enforcement officers ever learned to just listen to the conversations going on around them, they would know where most every crack house is, where the illegal gambllng machines are and whom the residents suspected were behind any crime and where they thought they were holed up. . You can learn a lot by listening.


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