People too busy to see divine solutions

In my view, the man that recently killed the 16 people overseas should not be punished. His commander over him is responsible.Why? Because this man that did the killing had served our country three times with a head that was giving him problems. Alcohol may have been a factor, but let's all think hard. No one has time for anyone, even self.

All are trying to make more money, more power. Just think. We have a heavenly father that's slowly, but surely, in charge. See climate change -- God's work, not man's.

Man is so busy trying to make money and power, he has really forgotten a God to go to every single minute. Like a doctor I was talking to. He said people come to him -- after abusing their bodies and in their last days -- wanting help, and it's too late. Sad, but true. Your body can't be here forever.




QUIK 3 years, 7 months ago

The man you spoke of was a soldier and not just any man. Soldiers take orders and anything they do BEYOND THOSE orders are their responsilbilty. The number of times a person serves has no bearing whether it is 2 tours or 20 tours. He made the choice to reenlist each time. It's a sad event but no sadder than a husband who kills his family because he was drinking or under stress.


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