Man jailed; 20 pit bulls sent to shelter

Carey Lee Culbert

Carey Lee Culbert

ALBANY, Ga. -- After putting his 20 pit bulls in a shelter Tuesday, police put 56-year-old Carey Lee Colbert in jail Wednesday morning on cruelty to animals charges, said a Dougherty County Police Department official.

"After we executed search warrants, we found five puppies in his residence and the rest secured outside with chains," said Dougherty Police Capt. Jim Sexton. "He was arrested and taken to jail."

Colbert would remain in jail overnight with no bail on the two misdemeanor charges, said a Dougherty County Jail spokeswoman. Bail was to be set at a first appearance before a judge today, she said.

When the dogs were rounded up, county police Detective Tamiko Whitlock described three dogs as "severely injured," indicating they may have been used in fights. The dogs didn't look malnourished, she added, but the chains securing the dogs weighed about 50 pounds, much more than the weight of a dog.

Following procedures in animal seizure cases, all the dogs were checked out by a veterinarian, weighed and photographed. They were then taken to the Humane Society of Albany for shelter.


Justice4Moma 3 years, 8 months ago

Now if we can get Worth County to come and do something out this way about a certain women who has said she moved from this neighborhood,but left alot of cats and dogs behind that she never fed,we would be better off.


bubbavet 3 years, 8 months ago

The owner will malnourished when he gets the bill for boarding and being checked by the vet.


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