Rabid fox killed by DCPD officer

ALBANY, Ga. — A rabid fox attacked a pit bull and its owner, Deborah Elizabeth Pate, just after 6 p.m. Tuesday, said Dougherty County Police Department Capt. Jim Sexton. An officer responded and fatally shot the fox, he added.

“The fox was infected,” said Carolyn Maschke, spokeswoman for the Southwest Georgia District Public Health. “We have to find out if the dog was vaccinated. We understand that the woman he bit has already begun rabies prophylaxis (treatment) voluntarily last night.”

An environmental health staff member would be in the trailer park area, Willow Nook, around 3501 Sylvester Road, to inquire as to whether the bitten dog had been quarantined as it should be, Maschke said.

“He will also be looking for any unvaccinated animals,” Maschke said. “For a day or two he will be looking for any animals showing signs of illness. I understand there are feral cats there.”

Residents should pay attention to the animals in the area, Maschke said. If they see an animal behaving oddly, they should call law enforcement at 911. The number for public health is (229) 438-3943, she added.