Looking Back March 25

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

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“Makin do” is an unknown concept to many people today. With the economy as it is, perhaps it is time to learn (or be reminded) of just what can be done with the things already on hand. Hopefully these tips will save a trip to the store and a pinch in the pocketbook.

• Drink a warm cup of tea mixed with lemon juice and honey to soothe a sore throat.

• Mix 1/4 cup honey with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. Pour into a tight-sealed bottle and shake well (before each use). Take one tablespoon every four hours for cough.

• Onions contain the powerful antioxidant quercetin, which can help relieve bronchitis, chest colds and asthma attacks. Try them stir fried with other vegetables, raw, in soups or chopped fresh in a salad.

• Sharpen a pair of dull scissors by cutting through several layers of aluminum foil.

• Use WD40 to remove bug “guts” from the grill of your vehicle.

• Toothpaste can be used to hang posters on the wall.

• Tenderize a tough cut of meat by marinating it in Coke for several hours before cooking.

• Sprinkle borax on your carpet and rugs to kill fleas. Borax can cause irritation to raw skin so be sure to vacuum thoroughly.

• Rejuvenate chlorine-damaged hair by “shampooing” with ketchup. Let the ketchup stay on the hair for several minutes then shampoo and rinse.

• A little sugar sprinkled on a burned tongue will ease the pain immediately.

• Mix a little honey with lemon juice and apply to pimples. This compound will help heal the pimples faster and at much less expense than most over-the-counter pimple medications.

• Close the blinds and use a dryer sheet to dust them.

• When re-potting plants, place a coffee filter in the bottom, over the drainage hole, then add the soil.

• Snip off a tiny corner to use a Ziploc as a pastry bag.

• Deodorize musty woolen clothes by spritzing garments with a small amount of vodka. Straight vodka kills bacteria but does not leave a scent. Hang garments to dry.

• Don’t waste any of that broccoli. Cut the stalks into one-inch slices and stir-fry them with a bit of salt. This makes a delicious and healthy snack.

• Sunburn pain can be relieved by coating the area with mayonnaise.

• For a splinter, squeeze a drop or two of white school glue over the tip of the splinter. Let it dry then peel the glue away...and, in most cases, the splinter will come with it.

• Stiffen the ends of frayed shoelaces by “painting” them with clear nail polish.

• Save a chunk of money on expensive moisturizers. Before heading off to bed, dab a bit of olive oil or vegetable oil to the crow’s feet around the eyes.

• Take care of those annoying fuzzballs on sweaters with sandpaper. Rub it against the fuzz going in one direction only.

• Take care of bad breath by eating a fresh apple. Sucking on a coffee bean for a few minutes will also work.

• Get dry, cracked feet ready for sandal season while sleeping. Coat the feet with vegetable oil and wear a clean pair of cotton socks to bed. Hair conditioners also works...and smell good.

• Tape sponges to the knees for a quick and inexpensive set of knee pads.

• If the silver backing of a mirror wears off, don’t buy a new one. Simply tape a piece of aluminum foil to the back with the shiny side toward the mirror.

• Try giving your smelly dog a dry bath with corn starch. Sprinkle it over the coat and rub it in then brush the fur.

• Hairspray can be used as a light adhesive for craft projects.

• Use Post-it Notes to clean a keyboard. Run the sticky edge between the keys to pick up dust, lint and crumbs.

• Clumpy mascara can be saved by putting a drop of baby oil in the tube. Re-insert the brush and swirl it around.

• Keep the backyard pool cleaner by tossing in a couple of tennis balls. The balls will absorb body and sunscreen oils.

• Lubricate and soften old, dried leather on a baseball glove by rubbing it with vegetable oil.

• Flush out eye irritants with a few drops of milk.

• Chase moles from the yard by pouring used cat litter into the holes and runs.

• Wherever ants are entering the home, draw a line with lemon juice, chalk, vinegar,all-purpose flour or dried-out used coffee grounds. The ants will seldom cross a line of any of these items.

• Before calling a locksmith or making a trip to the hardware store, try this trick on a broken-off key in a lock. Put a touch of Krazy Glue on the part you have in hand and stick it back in the lock. Wait a few seconds and, hopefully, pull out the rest of the key.

• Don’t throw away a fading sponge. Clip the sponge to the top rack of the dishwasher to get it clean. Then, soak the sponge in cold salt water to revive its fibers.

• Leftover cranberry sauce can be used to make a delicious meatball sauce. Mix one cup of cranberry sauce with four ounces or tomato sauce. Heat and stir until fully blended.

• Help someone (or yourself) cut back on salt without buying salt substitute (or nagging). Simply remove the top of the salt shaker,and apply clear fingernail enamel to some of the holes. Let it dry and replace the top.

• Over the counter headache medicines can get costly. Try cutting a lime in half and rubbing it on your forehead. In extreme cases, try sitting in very hot bath while holding an ice pack on the top of the head.

• Fight dandruff by adding a couple of tablespoons of beer to your shampoo. The hops in the beer are a time-tested dandruff cure.

• Save those old panty hose! Lint will not stick to clothes while they are tumbling in the dryer if joined by a pair of hose.

• Instead of running to the store when the shaving cream is used up, try using creamy peanut butter.