Senate passes dog legislation

ATLANTA — House Bill 685 imposing stiff penalties, including jail time, on owners of vicious dogs that attack humans, passed the state Senate by a vote of 50-1 on Monday, according to the website legis.gov.

The law lists requirements such as muzzling for maintaining a dog that fits its definitions of vicious or dangerous. It also provides that a vicious dog owner must carry $50,000 in liability insurance on the dog and it must have an identity microchip embedded.

If a dog attacks and injures a human twice, the dog’s owner could face a year in jail and a minimum $5,000 fine. The first attack would make an owner guilty of a high and aggravated misdemeanor.

The revised bill now goes back to the House for a vote. The house previously passed it, without the exceptions for working dogs such as guide dogs added by the senate, 170-0.