Each week Albany Herald researcher Mary Braswell looks for interesting events, places and people from the past. You can contact her at (229) 888-9371 or mary.braswell@albanyherald.com.

Now in its 121st year, there is never an end to news from the past issues of The Albany Herald! Here is a look back at a few tidbits from this week.


Marble Hall Barber Shop, located at 224 Pine Street, featured modern equipment, a lady manicurist, barbers and a female. hairdresser. Hot (or cold) baths were also available.


Home-building lots were available in the Hilsman Heights/Rawson Park area for $1,200-$1,500 each. Those same lots, or very similar ones, sold just four years earlier for around $400.


Crown Hill Cemetery was founded. A dedication was held in 1936, declaring the cemetery debt-free. Along with its high elevation as a great asset, parts of the cemetery were set aside as special sections for Catholics, children, the American Legion and veterans of the Spanish Wars.

The Albany Police Department received a second report in as many days about a stolen Ford. One went missing from the New Albany Hotel and the other was stolen while its owner attended services at the First Methodist Church.


At a Leesburg City Council meeting, beer of 3.2 percent alcoholic strength was legalized. City law officers were instructed by the city not to interfere with the beer sales as long as the $10 annual tax/fee was paid by the retailer.

Sasser High School seniors presented “The Red-Headed Stepchild” as their last dramatic performance. Following the three-act play, a dance was held for the class.


It was reported that WPA wages were considerably lower in the Southern states than elsewhere in the country. In Georgia, the average monthly wage for a WPA worker was $26.68. The national average per month was $50.03

A season pass to swim at Radium Springs for a family of four was $51 which was valid for five months.


Ella Fitzgerald and her orchestra played for one night only (Thursday, May 10) at the Albany Municipal Auditorium.


In the time of gasoline rationing, buses left the post office six times daily to carry swimmers, diners and golfers to Radium Springs. Round-trip fare was 20 cents.


The Dougherty County Sanitation Department ordered seven local restaurants to stop serving food and drinks. New health standards regarding the handling and serving of food were being met by most establishments.


It was projected that by the end of the year, city buses would gross over $100,000. The six buses, operated by Cities Transit Inc., had fares of five cents for children and 10 cents for adults.

Sears Roebuck and Co. had a seven-piece kitchen ensemble on sale for $212.96. The set included a 54-inch sink with double drainboards, two wall cabinets, two steel-base cabinets and two wall corner shelf racks.


The 800, 900 and 1000 blocks of 11th Avenue were added to the door-to-door daily delivery of mail.

The Dougherty County Board of Health announced plans to administer the anti-polio Salk vaccine to Albany/Dougherty’s 3,300 first and second grade students.


Explorer Jim Fowler gave the Albany Zoo an anaconda, a pair of harpy eagles, three anteaters, a boa constrictor and a few other critters. The cargo arrived in Albany aboard a C130 Air Force plane at Turner Air Base.


Need a job? Joe’s Cellar was looking for a daytime barmaid and two cocktail waitresses.

The Dougherty County Board of Education began its discussion of building a new high school west of the Flint River. That school is what is now known as Westover High School.


After-school television in the Albany viewing area from 4 p.m.-5:00 p.m. included “The Match Game,” “The Art Linkletter Show,” “The Flintstones,” “The Real McCoys,”, “Dark Shadows,” and “Gilligan’s Island.”


About 250 Miller Brewing Co. employees walked out in protest of the firing of three employees accused of stealing beer. The strike was not sanctioned by the union.


Members of the Georgia Peanut Commodity Commission traveled to London, England, to announce a $100,000 grant to aid a British firm’s efforts to “spread” peanut butter sales throughout the United Kingdom.


Camilla police charged a 35-year-old man with burglary, criminal interference with government property and criminal trespass. The charges were filed after the man was rescued from the chimney of the American Legion Post 141, where he had spent the night — stuck.


A standing-room only crowd gathered at Sylvandale Elementary School. The meeting, attended by about 200 citizens,was called by East Albany Against Garbage Landfill Expansion.

Byne Christian’s baseball team won its fifth Georgia Christian Athletic Association (GCAA) title in six years. The title game topped off a perfect season for the team.