Dougherty County finance committee to look at unpaid holidays

— Dougherty County officials are recommending that the county change its personnel policy to reflect nine unpaid holidays as a cost-cutting measure.

The Dougherty County Commission's Finance Committee heard the recommendation from County Administrator Richard Crowdis Monday.

Under Crowdis' plan, employees would get three paid holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day — with nine unpaid holidays that include Independance Day and President's Day.

If this recommendation passes a Dougherty County Commission vote, the savings for the upcoming fiscal year would be $908,000, Crowdis said.

The suggestion comes as Dougherty County officials attempt to piece together a budget for FY 2013, which starts July 1.

Crowdis told the committee Monday that the holidays would be spread out so that no two holidays would end up in the same pay period.

The holidays are scheduled for days when most county government offices would be closed anyway; an attempt to avoid any disruption of service for the public.

As for law enforcement and public safety workers who would normally have to work a shift on one of the scheduled holidays, Crowdis said they would simply forgo the additional holiday pay they would typically get for working that day but would get paid for any time they work.

The county was poised to put in place an unpaid employee holiday plan last year but was spared the need to do so at the last minute when Phoebe renegotiated the terms of a medical service contract at the Dougherty County Jail, providing enough revenue for the county to offset the holidays.


waltspecht 3 years, 6 months ago

It is better than cutting back on services and personnel. Sort of like spreading the wealth. Now if more cutbacks were possible in more areas and professions we would keep folks employed, and adjust to the economy. I'm sorry, but it is really better to keep folks employed by cutting back. That was the origional concept involving furlough days. Yes, you have to sacrafice, but it keeps folks working


tocar 3 years, 6 months ago

What about Crowdis and other county officials who are paid megabucks sharing their wealth among employees so they do not have to take unpaid holidays? Albany and Dougherty County do not need assistants and assistant assistants to do the work the officials are paid megabucks to supposedly do themselves. This is the Clown County.


J.D._Sumner 3 years, 6 months ago

If you'd e-mail me I'd like to know who doesn't take the unpaid holidays. j.d.sumner@albanyherald.com


jglass 3 years, 6 months ago

I am quite sure within the city, county, DCSS, WG&L and you just name it, there are entirely too many "paper pushers". I do not understand why they will not get rid of these people. I am quite sure nobody "works" 40 hours!!!!


tocar 3 years, 6 months ago

It is not fair to take July 4th, our countries' Independence Day, holiday pay from employees. If our leaders would better plan how they spend their monies this would not be a problem. We have so many deadend projects in this city of 15 percent taxpayers. Be realistic!


43cop 3 years, 6 months ago

J.D., the upper "crust" as they may possibly be addressed will show that they take unpaid holidays, but in reality, they just receive their salaries that are far more than the average person that is employed by Dougherty County. Sure, I can see your argument that they have more education, more qualifications and the B.S. If the "ruling parties" that control the spending of county monies had used it wisely, county employees would not have the increases in their health insurance, the contributions to their retirement, no salary increases in approximately eight (8) years and no cost of living increases that they are having to endure. Just think about the employees that has put 20+ years in for the county and receive a retirement of less than one-forth to one-third of their normal salary, no health insurance, no dental insurance, no nothing from the county. Most corporations, state goverment, federal government and many others offer health insurance to their retired personnel, but not Doughety County. Most of these employees DO NOT want to be fired for saying anything because they would lose their income, any benefits furnished and please remember, if they use their health insurance, it must be at Phoebe Putney or only pays a certain amount plus a higher deductible. There is not any way an email list could be furnished as employees do not have a say as far as having to take an unpaid holiday. The counties monies seem to be spent on many dead-end projects rather than employees. Employees are the counties most valued assets. Feelings are that we should protect these assets and not take paid holidays from employees, but rather take monies from another place. We have taken enough from the employees with no pay raises in many years. They have worked hard at their jobs and most of them have families to feed, clothe and house.


DoctorDorite 3 years, 6 months ago

Somethings wrong with the system, I know a lady that retired from the county and has to add additional funds along with her reirement check just to cover her insurance premium and this is called top notch administration earning big bucks ? Don't think so ! High dollar excutives don't care, they've got exotic vacations to plan. The commissioners got it going pretty good too !


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