Unless otherwise noted, the following births took place at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany from April 30-May 6.

BENTLEY, Aaliyah Neveah, daughter, was born May 5 to Jessica Williams and Brandon Bentley of Dawson.

BLYTHE, Kenzie Nicole, daughter, was born April 30 to Keshia Blythe of Leesburg.

BROWN, Bryasia Keyshaun, daughter, was born April 28 to Yalonda Brown of Albany.

BROWN, KiLani Anai, daughter, was born April 30 to Tamantha Davis and Jesse Brown of Albany.

CAMBRON, Bryce Jordan, son, was born May 2 to Jordan and Sacajawea Cambron of Albany.

CARROLL, Aydhen Elijah James, son, was born May 1 to Danikkie Carroll of Albany.

COLLEY, Christian Ja’mari, son, was born May 6 to Cornelia Colley of Albany.

DILLARD, Adeline Rose, daughter, was born May 1 to Jason and Tawndee Dillard of Leesburg.

DOUGLAS, Ja’Davion Keshon, son, was born May 6 to Shirnice Douglas of Newton.

EDWARDS, Joe Emmett IV, son, was born May 6 to Brittany Kennedy and Joe Edwards III of Leesburg.

GORDON, Ariah Denise, daughter, was born May 1 to Latonya Willis and James Gordon III of Albany.

HALL, Derek Deshun Jr., son, was born May 4 to Adrian Harris and Derek Hall of Dawson.

HATLEY, Cayden Lamar, son, was born May 5 to Shronda Hatley of Albany.

HAYWARD, Kristen Mariah, daughter, was born May 4 to Courtney Hodge and Clarence Hayward of Camilla.

HOLMES-COVIN, Alana Mariah, daughter, was born April 30 to Danae Holmes and Willie Covin of Albany.

JACKSON, Carlaysia C’Riyah, daughter, was born May 5 of LeKeya Jackson of Albany.

JACKSON, Landon Cole and London Cadence, son and daughter, was born May 4 to Jasmine Roper and Cleland Jackson of Albany.

MCPHERSON, Mary Grace, daughter, was born May 1 to Wayne and Sarah McPherson of Camilla.

OFTON, Kristin Aiyana, daughter, was born May 5 to Crystal Hall and Damien Ofton of Blakely.

ROBINSON, Sariya Maliah, daughter, was born May 3 to Lasasha Robinson of Albany.

SAULS, Nathan Manuel, son, was born May 6 to Destiny Soto and Kenneth Sauls Jr. of Cuthbert.

SNEAD, Nyla Giselle, daughter, was born May 4 to Niquacha Williford and Brandon Snead of Albany.

WILLIAMS, Camryn Lorene, daughter, was born May 3 to Daniel and Cedrica Williams of Albany.

WILCHER, Ryleigh Alexis, daughter, was born May 2 to Jasmine Grant and SanAntonio Wilcher of Albany.

Birth announcements are printed Sunday in The Herald’s SouthView section. Announcements are submitted to the newspaper by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital through a parental release. Out-of-town births with local connections can submit birth notices by asking the hospital where the child was born to submit the information by fax to (229) 888-9357 or by mail to Births, SouthView, c/o The Albany Herald, P.O. Box 48, Albany, Ga. 31702.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

On this Mother's Day let me Salute the newborns who had BOTH a Mother and a Father who were in a committed marriage relationship on the day of their birth! (Not very many......)

I would suggest dropping all the ridiculous apostrophe's and the dopey multi-multi-syllable names in the best interests of your kids' futures, though!! Just a suggestion!! Go for two syllables MAXIMUM and see if your kid won't make 20 points higher on their tests all the way through school!?!? Just try it and see!!!


tywebb 3 years ago

i don't understand why the baby is given the fathers last name when the parents are not married! We all know that, chances are, the child will be with the mother and the father will be out of the equation in a few months. that way the mother will have the same last name as the kid when the schools start calling home. saves alot of confusion


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