Police/Fire/EMS report for May 14, 2012

ALBANY — Albany police responded to at least 45 incidents Friday into the early hours of Saturday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Missing person on the 900 block of Lippitt Drive;

— Motor vehicle theft on the 900 block of Willow Wood Drive;

— Robbery by sudden snatching on the 2200 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard;

  • Burglary on the 1000 block of East Fourth Avenue, the 600 block of Johnson Road, the 1200 block of South Davis Street and the 2600 block of Cardinal Street;

— Entering auto on the 1100 block of East Edgewater Drive, the 700 block of Radium Springs Road, the 900 block of Peacock Drive and the 700 block of Moultrie Road;

— Identity theft, fraud on the 2000 block of Schilling Avenue;

— Financial card theft on the 2600 block of Cardinal Street;

— Forgery on the 2400 block of Stuart Avenue;

— Battery on the 2300 block of West Gordon Avenue;

— Terroristic threats and acts on the 2800 block of Old Dawson Road;

— Pointing a firearm at another on the 8200 block of McKinley Street;

—Interference with an officer on the 400 block of Rosser Lane;

— Assault (domestic) on the 2400 block of Jackson Street, the 2400 block of Dawson Road, the 1600 block of Stuart Avenue and the 900 block of West Broad Avenue;

—Burglary, rape and assault (domestic) on the 2500 block of Crescent Drive;

— Battery (domestic) on the 600 block of Mission Court;

— Domestic (unfounded) on the 3100 block of Savannah Lane, the 1200 block of Avalon Avenue, the 600 block of Kingsbury Court, the 200 block of Delta Street and the 1800 block of Cobblestone Court.