Occupy Wall Street wins losses for U.S.

Occupy Wall Street may have won. Why? France and Greece have voted out their old governmental and elected new ones. So, is that Occupy -- 2, Wall Street -- 0?

This is not the first problem for Brussels (the EU's equivalent to our Washington, D.C.). When the EU tried to adopt its first constitution, Ireland and France voted it down. The EU has been nothing but trouble since it birth.

France has elected a socialist (A socialist and conservative in France is the equivalent to a Romney conservative and Santorum conservative in the United States), while the Greeks have left their political system wide open. You can run as a communist or a Neo-Nazi. The two leading parties were voted out of office with little hope for even a compromise government.

Both France and Greece have deficits, and almost 20 percent unemployment. Can the United States face the same problem? Will our infant death rates rise while our job market shrinks? We will become a fourth- or fifth-rate country dealing with our children:

"1. Sub-populations socially excluded from global society:

  1. Nomadic, pastoral and hunter-gatherer peoples living beyond the modern industrial nation;

  2. Fourth World can also refer to sub-populations existing in a First World country, with the living standards of those of the Third World, or developing countries." -- Wikipedia.