Juries set, trials on for homicide and drug cases

Jamal Smith

Jamal Smith

ALBANY -- With the seating of two juries, separate trials on vehicular homicide and drug sales began in Dougherty Superior Court Tuesday.


Cheri Ann Randle

Cheri Ann Randle stands accused of vehicular homicide in connection with a 2010, crash at South Slappey Boulevard and West Oakridge Drive.

According to police reports, Randle's 1993 Lincoln Towncar went through a red light and smashed into a 1993 Chevrolet Corsica, killing front seat passenger Jeanette Ford, who was 65.

The crash was described at the time as a "T-bone collision," by Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman. Also injured in the crash were Corsica driver Barbara Annette Dudley, Mary Oliver and Melvina Dudley, 11 years old at the time.

In an unrelated case that started Tuesday, Jamal Smith could follow his brother to prison for five years or longer. Smith was arrested with his brother, Granvil Smith, a Dougherty County Jail guard, in 2010 for attempting to sell drugs to undercover Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents.

A judge ordered a sobbing 27-year-old Granvil Smith to serve five years of a 10-year sentence in prison on May 9.

Smith's sentence followed his guilty pleas to possession of Oxycontin and Xanax, violating a public officer's oath of office and misdemeanor reckless conduct.

According to courtroom testimony in Granvil Smith's trial, the brothers' mother dated a drug dealer who left the prescription painkiller at her home.

Granvil and Jamal Smith hit on the idea of selling the drugs, officers contend. While at work in the jail, Granvil Smith asked an inmate if he would like to buy drugs, officers said. The inmate was a confidential informant. While the inmate declined the drugs, he told Granvil Smith he did have friends who wanted to buy them.

The inmate helped set up a meet to buy the drugs on the 400 block of West Oglethorpe Boulevard.

Jamal Smith, who had the drugs with him, drove a white Chevrolet Impala to pick Granvil Smith up at the jail. Granvil Smith jumped into the Impala wearing his uniform, police said.

The brothers were arrested by waiting undercover Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents at the meeting.