Complaints needed to stop county's slide

What's wrong with Dougherty County? The highest millage rate in the state, but that is not enough. They now want more taxes from property owners -- 2 mills, or for the average homeowner, $160 to $320 each. That is on top of an already exorbitant rate.

With a school system rated at the bottom of the list, and service crews seen doing nothing but watching someone else work, why would anyone want to increase taxes?

In addition; you now want us to add another 1 percent to our sales tax for roads and etc. I suggest that the county commissioners re-visit consolidation. Then ask for bids and outsource everything -- maintenance, housekeeping, grounds, all mechanical necessities, A/C, plumbing, and on and on. You will save millions. Cut waste; don't raise taxes.

With a county commission that has no foresight, a school system that is so flawed that anyone who can afford private school (and many who can't) sends their kids to private schools, Dougherty County is doomed to continue its downward slide until someone wakes up, or the state step in.

It is time for all citizens of Dougherty to stand up and start complaining to the governor, state Legislature, county commissioners and media outlets.




J.D._Sumner 3 years, 6 months ago

You do realize that the Dougherty County Commission and the Dougherty County School System are different governments with different leadership, budgets, etc. ?


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