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Woman guilty in vehicular homicide case

ALBANY, Ga. — In less than 70 minutes, a jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts Wednesday against Cheri Ann Randle for vehicular homicide.

The counts and the maximum penalty they carry are homicide by vehicle in the first degree, 15 years; serious injury by vehicle, 15 years; reckless driving and stop light violation, 12 months each.

Dougherty Superior Court Chief Judge Willie Lockette set sentencing for May 25.

“This situation is what happens when people try to beat a light. We see it every day,” District Attorney Greg Edwards said. “When she drove that day she had no intention to kill a person. Everyone depends on other people to abide by rules to stay safe.”

Randle drove a 1993 Lincoln Town car through a red light at Slappey Boulevard and Oakridge Drive into a 1993 Chevrolet Corsica and killed front-seat passenger 65-year-old Jeanette Ford in 2010.

It was described as a classic “T-bone collision” at the time. Corsica driver Barbara Annette Dudley, passengers Mary Oliver and 11-year-old Melvina Dudley also suffered injuries.