'Occupiers' ill prepared for real world life

Page Two has no sympathy for many of those "Occupy Wall Street" idiots as well as a lot of other people who graduate from College with a loan debt of $50,000 to $100,000. They take courses like social studies, medieval history, anthropology and abstract painting.

I've never understood this. Even though you may love these things, you don't see a lot of ads in newspapers with job openings in these areas. These same people can't change a tire on their car or check the oil. If the lights go out, they have no idea were or what to look for, yet they expect a salary from someone in the range of $150,000-plus because that is what it's going to take to pay off their loan and live like they want.

Forget the fact that they have no marketable skills. There are employers out there looking for "hands-on" people. You know, people who can do things with their hands and think at the same time.

We're graduating people out of high school who can't read or write at the sixth-grade level by teachers who would rather correct the tests given to the students than try to educate the students so that they can pass the tests on their own. I went to the school of "hard knocks" where the lessons were hell and the tests unforgiving, but I can change a flat tire if I need to or, if I'm in a tough spot, I can even think. More later from Page Two.