Social Security earned, not an entitlement

Now in the same breath, politicians are referring to social benefits, Social Security and Medicare as "entitlements." I just got my Social Security statement. Between myself and my employers, I have contributed over $200,000 to the fund. Medicare is around $75,000.

Now, I will turn 65 in two months. However, to receive the benefit without reduction, I have to wait till 66 for Social Security. Medicare I will receive at 65. So I have credit for quite a little sum of money supposedly in the system. To me this is an earned benefit, not to be used in the same sentence as an entitlement that is just given.

Now our government has cut back on contributions to Social Security as a tax cut. What it really does is present the possibility of the system going broke that much earlier. Take note, not all of us are fools. We can add two plus two and we see where the president is trying to take this country. Remember, if you choose not to vote, you are voting for the current administration and its goal to socialize America. We need to get out and vote to save our country.