Phoebe considering potential candidates

ALBANY — The primary order of business for the professional affairs committee for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital on Monday was to discuss the appointment and re-appointment of physicians.

Those recommended for appointment were Dr. Lan Lee Adams for maternal/fetal medicine, Dr. William Mallow for surgery/wound care, Dr. James Sirleaf for emergency medicine, Dr. Sylvan Waller for emergency medicine, Dr. Gonzala Villalobos for emergency medicine and Dr. Threvia West for maternal/fetal medicine, a credentials report shows.

Sirleaf, Waller and Villalobos will be in Phoebe’s emergency center, Mallow will be at Phoebe Wound Care while the affiliation of Adams and West have been classified as locum tenens — indicating that they are standing in temporarily for someone else.

The report also indicates that two emergency medicine physicians are resigning because of relocation, and that there were three physicians whose privileges were being non-renewed because of their failure to return their reappointment application.

The report also lists three physicians whose reappointments are currently being finalized.

Dr. Doug Patten, senior vice president of medical affairs at Phoebe, explained that — as is the case with most jobs — the recruitment process at Phoebe requires a potential member of the medical staff to provide evidence of their identity and their educational background.

The medical staff primarily takes on the role of overlooking a person’s qualifications, in turn making recommendations to the professional affairs committee before the full board votes on who to recruit.

“Once all the information has been verified, it is determined whether they will be able to perform the procedures they will need to do here,” Patten said. “The credentials committee then determines current competence — which means not that they did it 20 years ago, but that they are doing it now and are able to perform those duties here.

“The board can send it back to the medical staff for questions. If they are determined to be qualified, the full board has the ultimate authority.”

The committee recommended the report for full board approval.


dingleberry 3 years, 6 months ago

Sounds more difficult to get on with Phoebe than it is to be President.


Cartman 3 years, 6 months ago

Those not willing to pledge allegiance to Wernick, might save themselves some grief and frustration and withdraw themselves from consideration. If you're not sure. Find a physician in Albany that you trust and speak with him or her privately.


iko 3 years, 6 months ago

I thought Ken Hodges was "their" candidate.


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