Government taking it all, piece at a time

Page Two was ecstatic for a brief moment. I opened the letter and the words "increase amount" jumped out at me. Then the balloon burst and I slammed back to Earth at "warp speed." You see, the increase was the amount my Medicare supplement is going up.

I believe it's been three years with no COLA, and yet for three years in a row an increase in costs, this one $22.40 per month. But wait. Next year, Obamacare will almost double the cost.

It's enough to make one wonder if I would be better off by just giving the government everything I have all at once instead of letting them steal it a little piece at a time. Then I could go on welfare and live happily ever after as so many of the now fourth generation of parasites who are obese and have "shooger" are doing. No schedule to keep, no job to report to, park in handicap spots, paycheck delivered to door step and free telephone.

Isn't life wonderful? To some people, I mean.

This country is bankrupt by any accounting standard and is fast accelerating to "critical mass" where we will implode with devastating results. America is at the door to its own Armageddon and, as it says in the Bible, "there will be gnashing of the teeth," for it will be man against man, woman against woman, man against woman, child against child, and the beast in all of us will surface in an effort to survive. More later from Page Two.