Kidnapper gets life sentence

ALBANY, Ga. -- It took a jury three hours Thursday to find a man guilty of violent crimes including aggravated assault, attempted rape, kidnapping with injury and false imprisonment, Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon said.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss sentenced 47-year-old James Lewayne Williams to life in prison on the kidnapping with bodily injury charge. The judge gave Williams another 70 years on the other charges, to be served concurrently with the life sentence.

According to Breedon, Williams has the slim possibility of parole after 30 years of the life sentence. He would be 77 at that time.

"Considering the number of violent crimes he was convicted of," Breedon said, "it is unlikely he'll get parole after 30 years. He'll still have 40 on the other sentences."

According to grand jury indictments, Williams assaulted a woman with a knife on July 3, 2010, attempted to rape her, held her against her will and injured her all after breaking into her apartment to commit theft on the 3500 block of Nottingham Way.