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Research before voting on T-SPLOST

Folks, the upcoming vote on T-SPLOST is an extremely important vote, so please check the program for yourself. Some state agencies are going so far in Atlanta as to throw parties with free food, drinks, even free beer, to get votes for the tax.

I'm against it and here's why:

The information being published does not tell the exact truth. Example: Officials pushing the program are saying the tax dollars you pay will be spent in your area, your county. But it is carefully worded to allow the department controlling the tax money to spend it anywhere they decide. Once voted into law, you, the taxpayer, will have no further say in the matter. So if you vote for it and it passes, the tax money may well be used for roads anywhere in the state.

There are programs where special sales taxes (SPLOST) are a good thing. But this is just short of what could be called a scam on the taxpayers. Another example: Some of the money has already been committed for new construction. The T-SPLOST has a time limit. But once in place, it will just keep coming back. Nothing is addressed as to where money will come from to maintain construction accomplished by the T-SPLOST. Once built it must be maintained. So who will pay for that?

The problem with our highway program is much like other government programs -- waste. How many times have you passed a crew working on a highway? Sometimes there are four or five trucks, a half-dozen people in hard hats standing around, and when you take careful notice you see little more than a pot hole being repaired. By the way, were you aware that the state highway commissioner makes more money than the governor? In our area, a lot of special meetings have been held and much information has been passed to the public about Highway 133 between Albany and Moultrie. The project is said to be the widening of the highway.

Folks, I live on that route and travel between Moultrie and Albany often. There is only one time of year that Highway 133 needs more driving room. That's when Spence Field in Moultrie hosts the agriculture program for a week. The remmainder of the year, the passing lanes already in place take care of traffic at the posted speed limit. It certainly does not require the millions of dollars work the T-SPLOST people are calling for.

Well, I've given my point of view. Unlike the folks in Atlanta, I'm not trying to tell you how to vote. I'm asking you to check it out thoroughly before you do. Once it's done we can't take it back.




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