Homicide sentencing delayed



ALBANY — The sentencing of an Albany woman convicted of a 2010 vehicular homicide was delayed after defense attorneys objected to any evidence of her prior convictions involving five other deaths, said a court official.

Cheri Ann Randle, 51, was found guilty on all counts, including vehicular homicide, May 15 for killing 65-year-old Jeanette Ford by running a red light at Slappey Boulevard and Oakridge Drive.

Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette did not impose a sentence. Randle was taken to Dougherty County Jail to await the next sentencing hearing, said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

“Judge Lockette continued the sentencing to a later date,” Edwards said. “The defense objected to the presentation of evidence on prior issues.”

The prior issues, according to court documents, include a 1982 guilty plea to misdemeanor manslaughter. The charge was reduced from a grand jury murder indictment.

The indictment states, Randle “did then and there unlawfully and with malice aforethought cause the death of Michael Collins, a human being, by cutting the throat of said deceased with a certain broken beer bottle.”

Court documents from 1984 state Randle received an indictment for four counts involuntary manslaughter. She pleaded guilty to four counts of misdemeanor reckless conduct.

The original involuntary manslaughter indictment stated that Randle left her six children, 6-month-old Contessa, 2-year-old Dehaven, 3-year-old Bobby, 8-year-old Kimonia, 5-year-old Adrian and 9-year-old Aurello, alone. Contessa, Dehaven, Bobby and Kimonia died in the fire that consumed the 128 Oak St. home while their mother was away.

“Knowing her unsupervised 3-year-old child, Bobby Randle, had a propensity for creating fire,” the indictment stated, “and that the means to create fire existed in the residence readily available to Bobby Randle, to wit a certain electric heater ... and combustible material he might use, to wit: paper.”

No date for the next sentencing hearing was scheduled.


coachjohnson42 3 years, 3 months ago

So, am I reading this correctly??? She was responsible for the deaths of a grand total of 6 people? Please re-count this for me....its WAY TOO EARLY.....


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