Wanted: A few honorable political leaders

The majority of American political leaders don't have solid character.

Two examples are:

  1. Democrat John Edwards is facing criminal charges because of misuse of campaign funds during a presidential campaign.

  2. Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue used his influence to have a new four-lane highway pass near his property in Houston County (Albany Herald 5-11-10). Also, a state audit revealed that Perdue spent $4 million of diverted funds to purchase property in Houston County. Perdue owns the adjacent property (Atlanta Journal Constitution 2-5-12).

Republican President James Garfield stated that voters are responsible for the character of political leaders. Two examples are:

  1. Democratic President Harry Truman began his political career as a county judge. (Similar to chairman of county commissioners in Georgia.) Truman refused to allow a highway go through his mother's farm.

  2. After World War II ended, Republican Sen. Robert Taft stated that German and Japanese leaders should not be charged with war crimes because it violated the ex post facto clause in the Constitution (very unpopular statement).

In a nutshell, Americans must remember the wise advice of President Garfield.