President Obama wants to become dictator

Obama wants to be your socialist dictator if he is re-elected on Nov. 6. One of the world’s richest men is financially supporting Obama for his re-election. His name is George Soros. When Soros pulls the strings, Obama starts dancing. George Soros would also like to undermine our economy and crown Obama dictator for life.

The other, I saw where Obama is saying that same-sex marriages are fine with him. He will do most anything to get votes. I think he is getting desperate. I believe that all homosexuals that are living like they do and never change their ways will be condemned to hell.

Obama broke constitutional law when he signed the Obama health care bill into law. Seventy-five percent of all of Obama’s economic policies have failed. We are almost $16 trillion in debt. Things are worse now than they were 3 1/2 years ago. By the way, I have found definite proof that Obama is a Muslim. Have you had enough?

Wake up, America, before it is too late. Vote Republican!