Sometimes change can do you good

When we face difficulties in our lives that confront us with change, we don’t always take too kindly to that, and understandably so.

Change can interrupt our system or our routine ways of doing things. Change can upset our comfort zone and impact our level of confidence with doing something different. So often change has gotten a bad reputation and is met with us being up in arms.

But, if there’s one thing that most of us have learned, it is that the only thing constant in life is change. For this reason alone, I encourage us to figure out ways to extend our arms and embrace change instead of resisting it.

Well, I have an idea about at least one way we can go about this, and it begins with our thinking. I’ve often said that any change in what one does begins with a change in how one thinks. When our thinking expands, changes, or is otherwise different, what and how we see the same situation, person, or circumstance also expands, changes, or becomes different. Essentially, there is a shift in how we know and make sense of things.

What if we could consider the possibility that change brought with it gifts for us? Consider that the gifts were those necessary in order for us to move forward in our lives, accomplish a goal, or simply to become our best selves. I grew up hearing folks say that “Everything good to ya, ain’t good for ya,” and if that’s true, and I believe it is, we might reasonably infer also that “Not everything good for you is good to you…in the moment.”

Change can be hard to take. It can come unexpectedly and leave us feeling frazzled. However, beyond that initial moment of fear, anger, or confusion that we might experience as we cling to our usual ways, are gifts. Change becomes our pathway to the new and undiscovered internal resources, personal qualities, skills, and strengths that emerge through the process. Embracing change brings about those gifts in us. Mine might be different than yours, but we each have what we need to propel us forward to that next place in our lives.

Change does not have to be an enemy that we desperately avoid. We can begin to think of change as a natural and necessary part of our personal journey and growth. Through this lens, change becomes vital to our progression through life.

Be encouraged.

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