Egler vying for Lee County Commission District 2 seat

Mary Egler is the Democratic candidate for the District 2 seat on the Lee County Commission in the Nov. 6, 2012 election.

Mary Egler is the Democratic candidate for the District 2 seat on the Lee County Commission in the Nov. 6, 2012 election.

LEESBURG, Ga. — Mary Egler has one word to describe running as a Democrat for a county commission post in Lee County — lonely.

Finding Democrats in Lee County is almost as difficult as trying to find Georgia Tech fans in Athens. However, Egler is undaunted.

“It does feel kinda lonely with the help I am getting,” Egler said. “It’s basically just me talking and trying to get out and raise funds. I’ve only had one contribution, and I’m not supposed to tell you but it was from a Republican.”

Egler is trying to defeat political newcomer Luke Singletary, who won the Republican primary against Ray Timms. The District 2 seat came open when Betty Johnson decided to retire from the commission.

Egler said she ran in 2006, but did not campaign after her husband died soon after she qualified to run. She also ran in 2010 against Commissioner Dennis Roland and says she got almost 30 percent of the vote “with just two signs.”

Egler, who attends most county commission meetings, says she is unimpressed with the performance of the commission and the county staff.

“Ever since I ran against Dennis, I found out about them (commissioners) passing laws, making laws, and not even reading the documents and not knowing what is going on when you ask about it,” she said.

“I have difficulty getting information from the county commission and staff. I cannot get the facts until they provide me with the information I ask for.”

Egler believes the current commission has been remiss in its funding of road work, particularly in her district.

“They keep promising citizens they are going to build roads, then they jump on something like the Westover Extension to alleviate congestion on Nottingham Way,” Egler said.

“How is a road extension from Ledo Road to Fussell Road going to alleviate traffic on Nottingham Way?”

Egler also contends the commission does not properly advertise county jobs when they become open, claiming they write the criteria to match who they want to hire for the position.

Egler agrees that Foresster Parkway and Westover Road are important, but says Livingston Road is “just as important.”

“It has residents on it, and has school buses that go down it twice a day,” she said. “It transports our children and it’s mud and clay. It’s being put on hold, and I understand they are not even taking signatures for right of way.”

Egler says she believes taxes in Lee County are “reasonable” but believes the north end of the county should receive more tax funds.

“The north end of the county cannot be developed the way it is set up by the planning department,” she said.

Egler, who is a long-term substitute teacher in Dougherty County, says she has been living in Lee County since 1974.