John House best choice for U.S. House

Letter to the editor

The American public has been begging for new leadership for the past decade. They are hungry for leaders who will make decisions about what is best for America.

We are very fortunate in the 2nd Congressional of Georgia that such an individual has offered to come forward and serve as spokesperson for the people. This individual, John House, faithfully served our nation in the U.S. Army for 26 years and recently retired as a colonel. John has a tremendous background of experience managing large numbers of individuals and large budgets. He has a Ph.D. in Business Administration and several master’s degrees in other subjects. He has the expertise needed to represent our district in Washington, D.C.

John will bring the energy and enthusiasm needed to expand employment. The economy of the 2nd District of Georgia is centered around the state’s agricultural industry. John is committed to represent this industry and build the future of Southwest Georgia as an important part of our nation’s food production. John is equally committed to other important industries, such as our military bases, Fort Benning, Warner Robins AFB, and the Marine Corps Logistics Base. He also sees the restoration of our housing industry and the long-term outlook for transportation as critical to the future of Southwest Georgia.

John and his wife, Marilyn, have traveled over 18,000 miles and visited all 29 counties in the 2nd District of Georgia. They have listened and heard the concerns of the people. Now is the time for the people to cast their vote for John House to represent our country as the Congressman from the Second District of Georgia. As a strong conservative, pro-life supporter, and fiscal conservative, John will make you proud you voted for him. Vote November 6th. for John House, 2nd Congressional District of Georgia.




waltspecht 2 years, 10 months ago

Now if enough people would just go vote that way!


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