State-approved charter schools are a threat to local control

Letter to the editor

One needs to read, "Spreading the Wealth" by Stanley Kurtz to understand Obama's plan for a second term. One needs to read Reuter's article from Oct. 12, 2012 on the E.B.-5 immigration investment program to understand Obama's support for charter schools. One needs to read about the over 140 Islamic charter schools funded by tax dollars. And one needs to read the parts of H.B. 797 Sect.1 where the teachers may not be U.S. citizens, and the applicants may not be citizens as well!

Foreign nationals are using the E.B.-5 immigration investment program to get visas and invest in our charter schools. They use our tax dollars as leverage/collateral for their private enterprise. They are from China, Russia, Nigeria, and Australia. In Georgia, charter schools receive over $6,000 per fifth-grader of state tax dollars, and public schools receive $2,100! Talk about a job killer for American teachers! Many conservatives are falling for these globalist plans. Common core national curriculum is in over 44 states. States are promoting PPP's (public/private partnerships) socialist charter schools. We are now subsidizing with our tax dollars foreign nationals to get green cards and invest in charter schools! I know there are "good" charter schools, but the origin and governance are too much loss of freedom to overcome!

We are throwing away local control, and what made America great: i.e., love of independence, ethic of individual/private enterprise, and trading down for the globalist, regionalist, socialist, spreading the wealth failures of Europe. We may get what we deserve! Wake up, America, it's almost too late!