Page Two learns lessons from reading the ‘DailyViews’ page

Letter to the editor

Page Two has two lessons to learns when reading the “Daily Views” section of the Herald. First and foremost, I need to get over the fact that everything I write isn’t worth printing, or reading, no matter how many people come up to me and say they enjoy my articles. I guess they could be lying, I don’t know.

Second, I need to learn that when I see Cynthia Tucker’s picture not to read the article. Although she doesn’t represent the “University of Georgia,” she is a visiting professor and no doubt plants and fertilizes the seeds of racism there.

The nice part about both of our articles is that we are entitled to our opinions, albeit she gets paid for hers and mine may not get printed. But there is hope, not for her but me. Once my blood pressure resumes to a normal level I began my focus on a man that in my opinion has the whole story right and calls it the way it is, Mr. Thomas Sowell. Were it not for gender, I would equate Obama to “Lucy” in “Charlie Brown.” Telling the public one thing, then pulling the ball away at the last minute and laughing at how stupid those who fall for his tricks are so easily deceived. It may be well said that Mr. Sowell and I are not one of the lemmings willing to follow Obama over the cliff. More Later from Page Two.