Second District should re-elect Sanford Bishop


U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, an Albany Democrat, has represented Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District since 1993. We believe voters in the district should re-elect him to a new two-year term.

Bishop is being challenged Tuesday by John House, a Republican from Midland who defeated Rick Allen of Columbus in a runoff election following a three-way contest in the July 31 Republican Primary.

In seeking an 11th term, Bishop brings a wealth of experience to the table. He is well versed in agriculture, defense, veterans’ affairs and appropriations. As the nation — and our district — recovers from the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression, having a representative in the House who fully understands how the mechanism of Congress operates is a benefit that cannot be overstated. And as a blue dog Democrat, he understands that the nation’s fiscal house must be gotten in order, and soon.

“Our fiscal condition in general has us in a bad place,” he said earlier this year, adding that unless the United States changes the way it does business, the federal government will only be able to pay the interest on the national debt by 2025.

“Congress needs to discharge its responsibilities to the American people and we need to do it forthwith,” Bishop said. “The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to get a grasp on our fiscal situation.”

House is a retired Army colonel who teaches at two universities. This is his first run for public office. He also says that he would only serve a couple of terms in office if he is elected. That pledge sounds nice, but it would also hamper his ability to make a difference for the 2nd District. With no legislative experience on any level, there would be a steep learning curve in a Congress where seniority counts. In four years, the district would have to start over.

What our district needs, especially now, is leadership — leadership that U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop is in a unique position to provide. Our district needs someone who knows the ins and outs of Congress and who can work across the aisle. We believe Bishop is the best man for what will undoubtedly be a big job when the next Congress goes into session.


D5S 3 years ago

After 20 years, instance after instance of corruption, vote after vote that fails to bring solutions in Washington, thousands of jobs leaving our District, NO. The Second District should NOT reelect Sanford Bishop!

Bishop is only experienced in following the Democratic Party line. That is why him and Nancy Pelosi share voting records that are exactly the same 97% of the time. Do you really think, Albany Herald, that the Second District of Georgia is really anything like San Francisco?

Sanford Bishop has NOT lead in Congress, he has followed. Constituents in this District did not want Obamacare, Bishop voted for it anyway. Constituents in this District did not want partial birth abortion, Bishop voted for it anyway.

I cannot believe the writers at the Albany Herald are so incompetent as to think that more of the same, an experienced politician is exactly what this District needs. Sure hope you're voting for Obama because Bishop = Obama 97% of the time too. Do you writers really think that our nation is going in a good direction?

As for me, I'm tired of corrupt politicians. Washington is full of them. Sanford Bishop has not brought jobs or prosperity to the Second District. We are not better off under his "leadership," primarily because he DOES NOT LEAD. He only follows. I'm voting for a patriot with John House, NOT a politician.

John House is immensely more qualified to represent our District than Bishop. Retired Colonel, small business owner, university professor, and he hasn't spent 20 years in Washington cozying up to the lobbyists.

Sanford Bishop is NOT part of the solution, he is part of the problem. But what do you really expect? He doesn't live in our District anymore, he lives in Washington D.C.


FryarTuk 3 years ago

I intend to vote to re-elect Sanford Bishop because he listens to his constituency. No matter your race he pays attention. Bishop was the only elected official in this state that would even listen to our concern about the mistake Medicare made in removing my wife from coverage. Saxby Shameless or Guilded Isakson wouldn't even listen. Bishop's office sat us down got on the phone and within 30 minutes had SS/Medicare office on line. They explained Medicare's error, asked SS/Medicare if it could be corrected locally or if Rep. Bishop should call someone up-line. Bishop's office made an appointment for that very day in the Albany SS/Medicare office and told us if that didn't resolve their SNAFU to return and they would call the Medicare Administration. We went to the Albany SS/Medicare office, the Supervisor was a bit irritated that we had gone to Bishop but the office staff took my wife's documentation, acknowledged Medicare's mistake. Reinstated her coverage retroactively and we were out of there in 45 minutes. After 4 months rangling and fussing with a bureaucracy we had a resolution.

The man listens to his constituents. I will vote for him.


waltspecht 3 years ago

Yes Sir! and a Mafia Don gives to the Catholic Church. The few good things he does are far offset by the corruption that has followed his tenure. I know he helped you, I also know of others his Office has helped. However I also know of many instances that are Ethically wrong if not borderline illegal. I won't vote for him because of his comment about the Corruption in the Pigford issue which were brought to his attention by his constitutants. He said it wasn't his job to even report the concerns. Can you spell CROOK!


ittybittyme 3 years ago

Editorial board has it wrong....disappointing.


KaosinAlbany 3 years ago

Wow! The Editorial Staff just keeps being biased. What ever happened to report and for the readers to decide?


Gabrielblows 3 years ago

I contacted Mr. Bishop about the concerns I had with The US Attorney General Eric Holder's role in the "Fast and Furious" arms scandel. Here's his response to me: Thank you for contacting me about "Operation Fast and Furious," a program run by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Phoenix Field Division between 2009 and 2010 to stem the flow of illegal firearms trafficking into Mexico. I appreciate hearing your views on this issue, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

       I share your concern about reports that hundreds of U.S. weapons were lost and later found at crime scenes in Mexico and the United States.  On June 3, 2011, I joined thirty of my colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives in sending a letter to President Obama to urge him "to instruct the Department of Justice to promptly provide complete answers to all Congressional inquiries on this issue.  These investigations should not be used as a platform for partisan criticism of this Administration; rather, they should be an opportunity to get to the bottom of this serious allegation of law enforcement misconduct."

As you may be aware, the House voted on June 28, 2012 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not providing congressional investigators certain documents concerning "Operation Fast and Furious." The final vote was 255 to 67. I joined many of my colleagues in refraining to participate in the contempt vote. I believed that the time honored and dignified congressional oversight process established by our Founding Fathers was being corrupted for partisan purposes. Consequently, I refused to validate and legitimize this attack on the dignity of the House of Representatives by participating in this poisonous process. I will not vote to re-elect this man. Why isn't he charged with aiding and abetting???


Trustbuster 3 years ago

We need term limitations for the legislative branch. Bishop is a prime example for it. I vote not to reelect him.


jglass 3 years ago

I agree, we need term limitations. Do not vote these people back in who have just been "dead meat" until it comes election time and then you see them out and about and only then do you see them out and about!!!!


ObjectiveEyes 3 years ago

Sanford Bishop is NOT part of the solution, he is part of the problem. But what do you really expect? He doesn't live in our District anymore, he lives in Washington D.C.

D5S: that about sums it up!


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