FEMA turning private ownership public

Letter to the Editor

Those people living in Albany during the flooding in 1994 should remember that the federal government sent FEMA into Albany to help us recover from the devastation caused by that 500-year-level flooding of the Flint River.

The bureaucrats came to Albany, in my opinion, to further our governments plan to take over housing and eliminate private ownership of residential rental housing. They not only acquired flooded property but also purchased non-flooded property that they, in their wisdom, considered below the standards set by the FEMA management. Our federal government now owns more housing than any private ownership in Dougherty County.

The hurricane that devastated New Orleans is another FEMA opportunity to further the take over of private property by our national government.

Where I am going with this is, can you imagine the cost to mitigate the destruction caused by the recent storm, whose damage is still being assessed.by FEMA? This will again provide to FEMA an opportunity to spend billions of tax dollars in their effort to eliminate private ownership of housing and to provide government-owned shelter for the masses. All to be paid for by American tax payers.

How can those elected to manage our country — the Congress and the Senate — create a budget with a “loose cannon” like FEMA allowed to spend unlimited funds under the guise of mitigating the damage caused by “an act of God”?

The truth of the matter is that there is no way they can create a workable budget until they devise a plan that can control spending by the many bureaucracies like FEMA that spend as they see fit.