Election officials defend special voting for Usher



ROSWELL, Ga. — Election officials are defending their decision to allow music star Usher to bypass long lines and cast his ballot, infuriating voters who had to wait on Election Day.

Fulton County election officials tell WSB-TV that Usher Raymond IV was escorted to the front of the line to minimize distractions at his Roswell polling place. They said in a statement that poll manager Frank Padula was directed to move Usher through the process as quickly as possible.

WSB reports that Usher took cell phone pictures of himself casting his ballot, then posted them on Twitter.

Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann questioned the decision. Hausmann said she can think of only a few people who might deserve such treatment, such as people with disabilities, the elderly and voters with small children.


VSU 3 years ago

They could have dressed him up in drag, then maybe nobody would have recognized him. Another example of special treatment. Poor baby, afraid he was gonna have to stand up too long. Maybe at his concerts he has someone roll him around the stage in a wheelchair and another flunky holding the microphone for him, maybe lip sync his songs so he doesn't have to use his vocal chords.


Fletch 3 years ago

.... That's odd seeing how he he publicly supported, and voted for, Romney. ....


Somebody 3 years ago

What's who he voted for have to do with anything? if he supported and voted for Romney that should not give him any right to jump ahead of the other voters.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

Limousine Liberals........a great example!

Hey Usher.....I hope you enjoy the "tax increase on millionaires and billionaires" that Obama will be bringing your way!! And always remember that it was YOU who voted for Him and not me!!


Parent 3 years ago

How do you know who he voted for? I guess because he is black he voted for Obama. Oh well, it's good they rushed him through the line. Had I seen him in line, i would have been all over that fine a**!


Jacob 3 years ago

"Had I seen him in line, i would have been all over that fine a**!"

Of course you would.... Do you think you would just lay down right there at the voting booth, or wait until the back of his hummer?


bubbasmithredneck 3 years ago

He should have had to wait like everybody else..........But Obama won, so thats all that matters!!


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