Farm bill changes endanger small farmers

Letter to the Editor

So, Congress will try to close all farming supplement except crop damage? Do not they know this will close all or most small farmers? That will lead to corporations and rock stars going into farming. Their investment advisers will instruct them into farming for the tax loopholes they will receive.

The larger corporations, i.e., Subway, will grow their food for quality control, while the rock stars will enter farming as a hobby. Neither will know what a tractor is or what breed a “bush hog” is.

So, we Americans will be out of the market. European scientists report we will trade our normal food — corn, wheat, and rice for bananas, cassava (similar to a skinny sweet potato) and cowpeas — because of global warming. Whatever the European scientists say we will translate into American standard English and report it as new data several days, weeks or months later.

What is your opinion?




chinaberry25 3 years ago

If the government has to support you then we have too many farmers to begin with. Been farming just like papa daddy and your inherited farm acres. Same old crops, same old government money. And you can go after the same breaks as rock stars. Some of you will go out of business, but living off of borrowed money and welfare farm bill supplements will never make you a success. Look at the farmers in Tifton. Making a killing off of row crops. Hard work, but work it all to stay alive.


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