Schools, churches cannot do the jobs of parents

Letter to the Editor

A squawker recently complained in The Squawkbox that if schools were educating children, there would be no need for charter schools, and that if churches were doing their jobs, then crime, dropout rates and teen pregnancies would be lower.

Question: What are parents’ responsibilities in raising their children?

We have a farm in Grady County, and on that farm we have some poultry houses. Once we get new baby chicks, we have the responsibility to make sure they have water and food. We have to ensure that adequate air circulates in the houses, that heat is controlled in the summer time and added as necessary in the winter time.

If we were to have the same philosophy as the squawker, then someone besides us would be responsible to take care of the chicks. It is our responsibility and not any other person in the world. The same with parenting. It is the responsibility of the parent to raise the child to be teachable, to pay attention in class, and to bring books home and get homework done. It is the teachers’ responsibility to present information to students so that it can be absorbed, but it is not their responsibility to absorb that information for the students.

Who are “churches” and how does a “church” do its job in helping reduce crime, dropout rates and teen pregnancies? A church is people, many who are parents, and the church cannot accomplish anything without people who are sold out to serving God.

The squawker needs to accept responsibility for failure, step up and make a correction in direction, and not wait for someone else to teach morals to children.




chinaberry25 2 years, 9 months ago

And this should not be. I saw an old Leave It To Beaver show several years ago and his mother was telling him, Beaver, are they not teaching you manners in school? This is what they have heard all their lives from parents. Expect the school to raise and educate at the same time your child. This is an out of touch with reality approach and will land your child in prison.


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