Ponson to head Lee Utility Services

Catherine Ponson

Catherine Ponson

LEESBURG, Ga. -- Catherine Ponson may have studied English while at Florida State University, but she has "majored" in utilities during most of her eight-year stint as a Lee County employee.


Joe Bellacomo

Catherine Ponson, Lee County’s Utility Services director, works at her office in Leesburg Tuesday.

Ponson was named Utility Services Director for Lee County on Oct. 1. She follows LeClaire Bryan, who retired from the post at the end of September after a 31-year career.

Ponson joined the Utility department eight years ago, working in the billing department. In June 2009, her focus in the department switched to collecting garbage bills.

More recently, she moved to the county administrative office working as an administrative assistant/receptionist. County Manager Tony Massey said Ponson essentially served as a deputy county clerk before being named to the Utility management job.

Ponson grew up in Monticello, Fla., and obtained her degree in English from Florida State University. The 43-year-old mother has two daughters, Elizabeth, 17, and Emily, 16, who attend Lee County High School.


chinaberry25 3 years ago

Is this the best job you could get with a degree from FSU?


LWHighlander 3 years ago

Sounds like she is the right person for the job getting all that deliquent money! County should be happy to have someone like that. Mmm, degree from FSU gets her this job. Wonder what a degree from UGA would have gotten her? Oh I know, running the cash register at the Kangaroo! ; )


SalukiGrad 3 years ago

Strange how Lee County hiring works... I'm guessing a private company could do the job for less money with no long term debt....like pensions.

Governments don't create jobs they redistribute wealth. Sooner rather than later the bubble will burst. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that an all Republican board is so Democratic in all their policies.


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