Radium creek still dry after a year

Letter to the Editor

I have lived here for 13 years, and the Radium Creek is in my backyard. I have seen it dry up about three times, and it always came back.

It has been over a year and it is still dry. I know we are in a drought, 13 inches, but that is not enough to keep it dry. All the other spring holes and ponds have plenty of water in them. I was told that water was being diverted to another place.

It is sad to think one of Georgia’s seven wonders is being treated this way. If the water is being used somewhere else like a factory here in Albany, then they are destroying something that Georgia was proud of and something should be done about it, wouldn’t you think? It was a very popular place at one time — all kinds of fish and wildlife, beautiful blue water, and now it’s all gone.

Maybe you can shed some light on this and find out what happened to one of the seven wonders of Georgia.