Columnist Cal Thomas disrespects service members

Letter to the editor

My wife and I are passing through Albany and enjoying it. However, Cal Thomas’ column in this morning’s (Tuesday) Herald has a section that is completely uncalled for.

On the day after Veterans Day, for Thomas to state — while dissing the young — “I doubt many people under 40 have ever served in the military or know anyone who has” shows that he, like The Donald, is irrelevant. Who does he think has been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? People like him with comb-overs?

I’m retired and I understand who’s over there. He obviously needs to retire from expressing his view.


Lafayette, Ind.


FryarTuk 3 years ago

Hallelujah! Amen! Second the motion! He's a gnarled mold with hair and pus exuding. The AH needs to get better conservative columnists. David Brooks, George Will, William Kristol or Peggy Noonan. Even Andrew Sullivan would be better (maybe).


Roger879 3 years ago

But remember, he is entitled to his opinion and we all know opinions are like a**holes....everyone has one......


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